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"lalalalalalalalalala"- baited episode 5

"fuck you clown" baited episode 4

"HIT THE BUTTON MONKEY" - Tommy C's Birthday Party, Keemstar and Colossal Is Crazy. Baited and Catch 33 Reunion



Keemstar was a primary character and on-and-off villain in the FPS thriller series Half-Life, although it remains a mystery who or what he truly is or what his true role and motives are.Keem is an older looking business-type man who appears throughout the series in various forms and places, often delivering cryptic messages to the main characters, and seemingly controlling them, or at least observing them at all times. He is usually seen with a mysterious briefcase. and in his spear time is a gaming troll before he went on YouTube. He later got famous on BlogTv and Battlecam, then he made several YouTube accounts that all got terminated because he said the 'N-Word' in an infamous stream where he addressed a viewer called Alex. Keemstar, trying to circumvent this, claimed that someone else was in ownership of his DramaAlert channel, but we all know that Keem himself owned the channel.